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Leon L. Higgs, PhD.

As a boy, Dr. Leon Higgs asked, “What’s beyond Nassau? What adventures await?” He could have been a fisherman, farmer, or minister. He asked for God’s intervention, and he became a unique fisher of men. Though his journey took him far from The Bahamas, he returned to a greater and higher vision.


Barefoot to Boardroom chronicles Leon’s unique journey and important milestones. His rise from an impoverished upbringing to an accomplished educator is noteworthy. As you follow his journey, you will meet people who nurtured him. You will gain insight into his relationship with his sons, a turbulent marriage, and an intriguing rebirth. Leon’s stay in the United States provides for exciting reading, but his rise to a college presidency in The Bahamas, a Director of Higher Education and the Secretary General for The Bahamas National Commission for UNESCO is insightful and motivational.

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