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In these pages Dr. Higgs tells his story. This is the story of a boy too poor for shoes who not only made it to college, but also become a college president, and government official. Dr. Higgs’ s story bears powerful testimony of the miracles God can work in the life of anyone if they have the courage to dream, the discipline to work, and the humility to let God direct their lives.

Barefoot to Boardroom is about overcoming challenges beyond your control and learning that sometimes the greatest obstacles to success are in our own hearts and minds.

Barefoot to Boardroom


This is the perfect book for anyone who loves stories of faith, hope, and courage. If you or anyone you know has ever felt they would never overcome the circumstances they were born into, you need this book.

Barefoot to Boardroom will not only lift your spirits, it will transform your life.

I share with you my journey to success so that it might inspire others not only to dream but to make those dreams a reality! With God, all things are possible .. PREVIEW >>.

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