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How Far Can Your Dreams Take You?

What Happens When One Small Boy Lets God Direct His Adventures

Barefoot to Boardroom is the remarkable true-life story of Dr. Leon Higgs. Author, Dr. Higgs was born into generational poverty in a small, obscure village in The Bahamas. He longed for adventure. He wanted to know what was beyond Nassau. But, young Leon seemed to have very little chance of ever doing much more than becoming a subsistence farmer or a fisherman. Looking at his life in this autobiography it seemed doubtful that little Leon would ever even leave the islands.

But, God had other plans for Leon Higgs. Influential teachers nurtured Leon’s curiosity, love of learning, and passion for adventure. Leon would eventually leave his island nation in search of knowledge and adventure, only to return to perform a great service for his countryman.

Find out how Dr. Higgs made the journey from being a barefoot schoolboy to being a

well-respected educator and diplomat by reading Barefoot to Boardroom today.

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