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Preparation for College


The response was cold and uncaring.

“But sir, I have a high school diploma.”

“Doesn’t make a difference. Anyone can have that. Come back next year.”

I didn’t want to take a break in my studies after graduating from the academy. But having no political ties, I had to depend solely on God to come to my aid. Without a red cent in my pocket or anywhere else, I applied to Union College; that’s where I always wanted to go. I wrote to other schools, but without fail Union was the only one that always replied within a week. My friends Alvin Kelly, Maureen Rahming Gilbert, Veronica, Arthur and Vernita Roach were there, so I sent my transcript, got accepted, and prayed. I refused to stand on the bank. I put my foot in the water. I just knew God would provide the funds. Three days before my scheduled departure, I got a telephone call from the Ministry of Education, informing me that I was the recipient of a four-year scholarship of $2,100 per year. The annual tuition at Union College was approximately $2,500. That situation was more than manageable.

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